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Situated in Cook County, La Grange is often voted as one of the best places to live in Illinois. With a dense suburban feel, many coffee shops, restaurants, and parks, as well as the much beloved Pet Parade, residents in the area have a lot to smile about. You want your smile to be as beautiful as possible. Our La Grange orthodontists offer many services that can help you get it, and we will tailor those services to your own specific needs. Below are some of the services we are proud to offer that can help you achieve the smile you have always wanted.

Clear Aligners (Spark & Invisalign Treatment)

Clear aligners, such as Spark or Invisalign, are just that. They are a high end, lightweight, clear system that is made of plastic. They fit over the teeth in a systematic sequence to help apply slight pressure to straighten your teeth! Clear aligners are often a good choice for people who want a straighter and more appealing smile, but do not want the bands, wires, and other hassles that can come with braces. 


Unlike braces, you can also remove clear aligners yourself, so you can do things such as eat and brush your teeth easily. Considering these aligners are removed temporarily throughout the day, they are generally worn between 20 and 22 hours daily. Some people find them more comfortable than traditional braces, and the majority of people choose them because they are almost invisible, so you can straighten your smile without worrying that the treatment is obvious to everyone else.


To use clear aligners, a 3D image of your mouth must first be taken. Our La Grange orthodontists will capture this image during your free consultation. We use only digital scanning to obtain the image, so there are no gels or any other substances to place your teeth into. The images are then used to create clear aligners that are custom fit to your mouth and special needs.

Once your clear aligners are in, most people wear them for 9 to 15 months. During this time, people generally go through 18 to 30 sets over the course of treatment.

Damon Clear Braces

Also known as tooth-colored braces, ceramic braces, and aesthetic braces, Damon clear braces are the ideal solution for those who want their braces to appear more subtle. Like metal braces, Damon clear braces can help align the teeth to give you a straighter smile. Unlike metal braces, these systems are made from polycrystalline ceramic material that is the same color as the teeth. Although they are not entirely invisible, they are much less noticeable than others. It is for this reason that Damon clear braces are so popular with adults and older teenagers.

Damon clear braces are far less noticeable than metal braces, even though they are approximately the same shape and size. These braces are more costly, and more delicate, than metal braces, which is why they are generally not recommended for younger people. When you want to straighten your smile, it is important to speak to a La Grange orthodontist about your particular needs. Metal braces can be set a bit tighter, meaning you can have a beautiful smile even faster. Whichever option is right for you, metal braces and Damon clear braces are both very effective choices.

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Damon Metal Braces

When people first imagine metal braces, they envision the clunky and awkward systems of days past. Fortunately today, metal braces have come a long way, particularly when you choose Damon metal braces. These braces are smaller than metal braces once were, and they are also much more comfortable. The wires are lighter and the brackets are slimmer, which reduces mouth irritation and will leave you feeling more confident.

People sometimes overlook metal braces for other options, such as those that are clear. Metal braces remain the most affordable option, though, and they are stronger and more durable than clear braces, which are ceramic and more delicate.

It is natural to wonder how long you will have to wear any kind of braces. Unfortunately, no one can make that determination until they have a full understanding of the treatment you need. Minor issues can be corrected in as little as six months, but more complex cases may take up to three years to straighten the smile. You can rest assured that during that time, our La Grange orthodontists will ensure you start seeing results as soon as possible.

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Orthodontics is for the Whole Family!

It is a common misconception that only teenagers need braces or help straightening their smile. Your smile is something you are going to have your entire life, and it needs to be taken care of. Our La Grange orthodontists know that people have different orthodontic needs through different stages of their life. We are also pleased to offer several flexible options such as clear aligners, and metal and ceramic braces to meet the needs of each of our patients.

It is never too early to visit an orthodontist, particularly if you are experiencing a problem. The recommended age to start seeing an orthodontist who can detect issues and treat them promptly is seven years old. However, orthodontics can benefit far more people than just teenagers and young children. In fact, one in every five patients who see an orthodontist are over 21 years old.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Nick Riccio has one core philosophy, and that is that his patients

come first. That is why he will listen to you and your needs before offering different solutions that will improve the lives of patients of all ages. Dr. Riccio has dental degree and extensive experience with the Damon brace system, Spark & Invisalign clear aligner therapy, and today's cutting-edge 3D imaging technology. The perfect mix of the most advanced technology to help make beautiful smiles to be remembered!

Dr. Susan Blair is a passionate orthodontist that was considering many career options when she realized that dentistry was the only choice for her. She loves making patients feel comfortable and enjoys getting to know them on a personal level. Dr. Blair is a board-certified expert and has a long history with the Damon braces system and clear aligners.

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