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Meet Dr. Susan Blair

Being an orthodontist is my dream job! I love being able to help people gain confidence and improve their health in a fun environment. I love to treat patients because creating individualized smiles is my passion. I enjoy getting to know my patients, their families, learning about their lives, and interests.

Making sure my patients are comfortable is extremely important to me. I have a background in pediatric dentistry, which has taught me to be extra sensitive to the needs of my patients (of all ages)!

Dr. Susan Blair

Meet Dr. Nick Riccio

I love the combination of artistry, technology, and personal connection that orthodontics entails. I'm excited to contribute my skills and exceptional experience to Hinsdale and the surrounding communities.

I operate on a patient-first model, which is why I am committed to serving patients and their evolving needs. I use my professional philosophy and my practical knowledge to improve the lives of my patients and create lasting happiness, one remarkably perfect smile at a time.

Dr. Nick Riccio

orthodontics in hinsdale

Orthodontic Treatment Options!

Hinsdale Braces

When you think of braces, you may think of the old conventional metal braces. While there are many alternatives nowadays, such as aligners,  braces are still one of the most efficient orthodontic tools we have, and at Hinsdale Ortho, we use the most high-tech and comfortable braces on the market, called the Damon brace system. There are two main types of brackets in the Damon system, ceramic and metal braces. Depending on your cosmetic preferences we are able to do either bracket system! These brackets are attached to the teeth temporarily, connected by space-age flexible wires and can have fun colors attached, if desired!. The brackets and wires work together to apply the gentle pressure needed to gradually move the teeth into the positions we want them to be in with regular adjustments from our doctors.

Damon braces are an excellent choice for correcting complex tooth issues often without the need for extraction of perfectly healthy permanent teeth. Because they can sometimes work faster at aligning teeth and closing gaps than other treatments might, overall treatment time may be slightly reduced. These ceramic Damon braces are tooth-colored and offer a low-profile look. If you’re self-conscious about having metal in your mouth, these braces are the clear choice for you. While they can be more fragile and more expensive, they’re a good choice for adults and older teens. They’re appealing to those who want a less noticeable orthodontic look without the hassle of aligners. 

Contact us today to start your treatment plan. We’ll use X-rays and other advanced orthodontic practices to determine how much each tooth needs to be moved in order to get it in the best possible position. We focus on maximum comfort and efficiency so the placement of the brackets are as painless as possible.

Hinsdale, IL Orthodontics: the right treatment for your smile

Our doctor has many years of experience in providing customized treatment plans for each individual patient.

When you visit our Hinsdale office for a free consultation, our talented team will pay special attention to your particular orthodontic needs and your specific tooth shape, lip movement, and face shape. Using these as the basis for braces of Invisalign treatment results in a beautifully aligned smile that's just right for you.

To learn more about Hinsdale IL orthodontics, schedule your free consultation with Hinsdale Ortho.

Hinsdale Spark & Invisalign

If you’re looking for a more modern alternative to metal or ceramic braces, consider Spark and Invisalign. These treatments are incredibly popular with both patients and orthodontists and are the top alternative to traditional braces. Instead of brackets, wires, and bands the Hinsdale Spark or Invisalign systems use a series of clear, removable aligners to gradually straighten your teeth.They’re a great option for those who are self-conscious and don’t want anyone to know they are straightening their teeth.

Spark and Invisalign aligners are made of a comfortable plastic material and customized to fit snugly over your teeth. In order to keep your teeth moving in the desired direction, you'll generally need to switch your invisible trays out every 1-2 weeks for the next tray in the series.

These clear aligner systems require a bit more effort than the Damon braces because braces stay inside your mouth 24/7. These clear aligner systems can only work if the recommended guidelines are followed exactly! These aligners must be worn 20-22 hours per day throughout treatment. If patients neglect to wear the aligners as directed, it can impede the results and also add time to the orthodontic process.

Invisalign and Spark treatments are best for minor to moderate orthodontic issues. For more complex cases, Invisalign and Spark treatments may not be the best options. 

However, there are some extreme benefits to these aligners. The fact that these aligners are removable mean that your teeth are easier to brush and floss. Plus, you can eat and drink whatever you want.

A free consultation with Hinsdale Ortho will help determine if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign or Spark treatments. At your first free consultation at Hinsdale Ortho, we'll use our high-tech iTero digital scanner to create a 3D image of your mouth. We’ll use these impressions to make your first set of custom-fitted aligners.

Most patients wear their Invisalign or Spark aligners for 9-15 months and typically use 18-30 sets throughout the course of their treatment at Hinsdale Ortho. You’ll start noticing a straighter smile in just a few months. 

Hinsdale Ortho aims to give beautiful smiles to all its patients. We’ll guide you and your children  through all your orthodontic needs in all stages of life. For more than 65 years, we've given patients in the Hinsdale area high-tech and high-quality orthodontic treatment in a friendly, welcoming environment. Schedule your first appointment today!

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