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Hi everyone! I wanted to talk to you all about the fun events and raffles/prizes we do here at Hinsdale Ortho. We typically have quarterly events and raffles but sometimes we have some anniversary events or fun events that pop up throughout the year. We love hosting events and giving away prizes to help us connect with our patients and give back as a thank you for trusting us with your orthodontic experience.


First let’s talk about events! We host many events for our office. The ones we do quarterly are Bite-Size fun nights. What is bite-size fun night? We have a theme every time. Photobooths, put some fun music on, and always had goodies to hand out as well. This event is for all our patients in their observation period, where we count teeth and check hygiene preparing them for their next phase in treatment.

We also always host an anniversary event right before the fourth of July to celebrate how many years we’ve been in business. We also sometime host a back-to-school event we do at our office before school starts. We own our very own smoothie blender bike that makes an appearance at the anniversary and back to school event, which means free smoothies! You can also see at our Uniquely hosted in downtown Hinsdale on Thursday nights during the summertime. We usually are there twice during the summer, so visit our booth for some FREE balloon animals and Hinsdale Ortho merch/goodies!

Lastly for events, Dr Nick loves teaching and is always looking to learn and grow. Dr Nick hosts a Masterminds Study Club every few months for local dentists, oral surgeons, periodontists, endodontists, orthodontists, and more. There is always a new topic that Dr Nick presents or we also have sponsors/guest speakers that come and share their knowledge. If you are a doctor in the field and are interested in attending our next Mastermind Study Club please reach out to our office for more details.


  • April 27th – Masterminds
  • June 15th – Uniquely
  • June 29th – Anniversary Event
  • August 17th – Uniquely

Check out our social media for more details regarding all events and how you can attend!


Let’s talk about raffles! We ALWAYS host a free raffle and prize quarterly at our office. It is typically a very big prize which can be entered throughout the 1-2 months it is out on our front table in the lobby of our office. We love supporting our local businesses in Hinsdale so it usually will have a gift card or item to some of our favorite local businesses, along with Hinsdale Ortho merch, and a big prize regarding the season, that you won’t want to miss!


  • Start entering on 3/6/23-5/11/23

The raffle will have some goodies for Mother’s Day! You will win watch your mouth game, some Hinsdale Ortho swag (including a hat + brutmate), a gorgeous flower bouquet that will be delivered to your home for Mother’s Day from the local Hinsdale Flower shop, and a fun art flower preservation kit that you can use to keep your gorgeous flowers forever and make them into some coasters for your home!

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