Why Your Child Needs to See An Orthodontist by Age 7

Did you know that your child needs to see an orthodontist by age 7? That’s what Dr. Blair and Dr. Riccio recommend to our patients at Hinsdale Orthodontics. Why? For starters, that’s the same age the American Association of Orthodontists suggests. If you’re a parent near Hinsdale, you can rest easy. Our team has treated dozens of 7-year-old smiles (and more than that, too). But what’s so special about getting your child to an orthodontist by 7? Why not 8? Or 6? 

Understanding Early Orthodontic Evaluation

Around the age of 7, something magical (okay, maybe not magical, but pretty cool) happens in your child’s dental development. Age 7 is the sweet spot where our team can see if your kids’ teeth are cramping each other’s style. Sometimes (just like kids), teeth don’t know how to line up. Two of the biggest habits that can impact your kids’ teeth alignment at 7? Thumb-sucking and tongue-thrusting. 

Getting an early heads-up means Dr. Blair and Dr. Riccio can help relocate your kiddos’ teeth. You might hear technical terms around our office (like “early intervention” or “phase one treatment”). All that means is that our team wants your child’s smile to be ahead of the curve.

Benefits of Seeing an Orthodontist by Age 7

Did you know a visit to Hinsdale Orthodontics by age 7 could be like hitting the “easy” button for your child’s smile? We don’t recommend early intervention just for its own sake. Catching problems early has huge benefits for the future, too. 

Preventing Future Problems

A consultation at 7 lets Dr. Blair and Dr. Riccio see troublesome spots in the teeth or jaw before they turn into a big deal. For example, we can find out if there’s enough room for your child’s adult teeth waiting in the wings. We can see if some teeth are too eager and might appear in the wrong position. Detecting these issues early means fewer surprises and less hassle later on. Plus, it can make things easier if braces are in your child’s future. 

Guiding Jaw Growth

Your child’s teeth aren’t the only thing our team takes care of. We have to consider their jaw, too. At age 7, we can tell if your child’s jaw needs a little motivation for relocation. It’s not enough that their adult teeth grow in. They have to grow at the right angles and in the right places. Orthodontics helps prevent “bad bites” like overbites, underbites, and crossbites. More on those later!

Reducing the Need for Removals or Surgery

Early visits can save the day for your child’s smile. Our Hinsdale team wants your kiddo’s dental future to be as simple and smooth as we can make it. By observing things early, Dr. Blair and Dr. Riccio can often avoid the need to pull teeth or perform more complicated procedures later. What do we mean by “complicated procedures?” Extractions or surgery, possibly. Ick! Nobody wants that. 

Common Issues Identified During Early Evaluations

At age 7, kids explore, imagine, and grow. Their teeth are on their own adventure. Remember those “bad bites” we talked about above? You might hear our team members use the word “malocclusion.” All it means is that your child’s bite isn’t quite what it should be. Here are the most common bad bites we see:

  • Crowding: Too many teeth in too little space. 
  • Overbite: Picture the top teeth taking too big a leap over the bottom ones.
  • Underbite: This time, the bottom teeth are stepping out in front.
  • Crossbite: When some top teeth fit inside the lower teeth.
  • Spacing issues: The opposite of crowding. Too much room between the teeth!

Spotting these early means Dr. Blair and Dr. Riccio can plan the best way to help your child’s teeth line up for their grand entrance. This early check-up is the key to smoothing out any little hiccups. Hinsdale Orthodontics keeps your child’s smile bright, healthy, and ready for all those future photo ops!

What to Expect at Your Child’s First Visit

When you walk into Hinsdale Orthodontics for your child’s first visit, you’ll meet our amazing team. Dr. Blair and Dr. Riccio have a knack for making kids feel like they’re the stars of the show (and they are!). This visit is about getting to know your child (and their smile) better. No mysteries here, just friendly conversations and a few laughs along the way.

The doctors will take a peek inside to see how those teeth and jaws are getting along. With some cool gadgets, doctors might snap pictures or scans of your child’s teeth. Don’t worry. This is totally different from those tests at school. No prep is needed, and everyone passes with flying colors. It’s super quick and completely painless. 

Why Your Child Needs to See An Orthodontist by Age 7

See Us at Age 7 (Or Beyond!)

A visit to Hinsdale Orthodontics by age 7 can help your child’s smile turn over a completely new leaf. Dr. Blair and Dr. Riccio, right here in the heart of our Hinsdale community, are ready to roll out the red carpet for your little ones. So why wait? Schedule your free consultation today and take your first step towards a happy, healthy smile that’ll last a lifetime. Let’s get those grins in tip-top shape!