Tooth Tours with Dr Nick!

Dr Nick has an insatiable hunger for knowledge, and is committed to the growth mindset in all aspects of his life, so has decided to regularly make time to go on “tooth tours”, visiting and learning from his dentist friends and colleagues in the area.

Today, he visits the office of Dr Andre Jham, called Star Smiles Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry (@starsmilesorthopedo) in beautiful Bloomingdale, IL.  Together with his wife, Dr Raquel Jham, this husband and wife super duo seamlessly run a friendly and convenient pair of offices in Bloomingdale and Naperville, which offer the much needed services of orthodontics and pediatric dentistry for their lovely patients.  Dr Nick had the pleasure of meeting a few of those patients, and they all had wonderful things to say about the Jhams, and seemed genuinely happy with the convenient and skilled care they were getting from both doctors.  His team is equally as thrilled to be there as the patients.  Their smiles were beaming, and they enthusiastically shared all about what they do with Dr Nick, which was all quite impressive to witness.  Last but not least, Dr Nick and Dr Jham spent a little bit of time talking about their wellness journeys, and they found out they share a lot in common there, pretty much solidifying a friendship that is blossoming on many layers between the two. 

Stay tuned for a future post where Dr Jham comes to visit Hinsdale Ortho, and many more tooth tours to come.  Until then, Dr Nick signing out with his professional mantra: “Network // Learn //Grow”.