Orthodontic Emergencies: What to Do When the Unexpected Happens

Orthodontic Emergencies: What to Do When the Unexpected Happens

Orthodontic emergencies don’t wait for a convenient time. Whether it’s a snapped wire or a loose bracket, these unexpected issues can disrupt your daily life and your oral health. Knowing how to quickly handle these situations will help you keep your orthodontic treatment on track.  

At Hinsdale Ortho, we understand the urgency and discomfort that come with these emergencies. We serve patients of all ages and manage orthodontic emergencies with speed and care. We’ll provide practical advice on what to do when you face an emergency. Our aim is to keep your treatment progressing smoothly and reduce your discomfort. Remember, quick action and informed decisions will help you maintain orthodontic health.

Before an Emergency Happens

When following a doctor directed treatment plan, it’s wise to be prepared for orthodontic emergencies. Set up a kit at home with essentials like orthodontic wax, tweezers, cotton swabs, and pain relief medication. It can help you manage minor issues like feeling sore after having your metal braces adjusted. Knowing how to manage these issues can be helpful, but remember, for any serious emergencies, your first step should always be to seek advice from your orthodontist.

Loose or Broken Brackets

One of the most common orthodontic emergencies is a loose or broken bracket. If you notice a bracket has become detached or is hanging loose, don’t panic. Begin by rinsing your mouth with warm water to clear away any debris. If the bracket is still attached to the wire, leave it in place. Applying orthodontic wax to the loose bracket can provide temporary stability and prevent irritation. If you encounter an issue, call your orthodontist to arrange a repair and keep your treatment on track.

Poking Wires

A wire that has shifted or is poking out can be uncomfortable. If this happens, gently try to push the wire back into place using a clean pencil eraser or cotton swab. If that doesn’t work, covering the sharp end with orthodontic wax can provide relief. However, if the wire continues to irritate, contact your orthodontist for professional assistance.

Loose Bands

Have loose bands on your back molars? Avoid trying to fix them on your own. Doing so could damage them further or even injure your mouth. It might also lead to misalignment issues that could prolong your orthodontic treatment. Instead, contact your orthodontist immediately. Quick professional intervention is the best way to prevent complications.

Clear Aligner Emergency

In a clear aligner emergency, stay calm. If discomfort arises, use over-the-counter pain relievers and orthodontic wax. For loose clear aligners, check for damage; if minimal, continue use. If significantly loose or cracked, contact your orthodontist.

Handle Orthodontic Emergencies with Hinsdale Ortho

Remember that regular checks and proper care can prevent many orthodontic emergencies. If you do encounter any issues, quick communication with your orthodontist and prompt action is key.

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