Best Running Store (with a twist!)

When you’re a runner who regularly needs to replace your shoes to avoid injury, your repeat business is a great opportunity to support local, and you’d be surprised how valuable shopping small can be for you, too!  Dr Nick was going through the typical aches and pains of overtraining, when a thoughtful and patient consult with one of the lovely people working at Peak Running (@peakrunningco) set him on the right track.  They listened intently, recommended carefully, and diligently went about selecting and procuring the exact right shoe for Dr Nick, which has worked wonders on those aches and pains, and he would never go back to DIY shoe selection.  As if that were not enough, each time he needs to reorder those perfect shoes, the team at Peak seem to outdo themselves.  First, it was opening up a location in Dr Nick’s homework of Hinsdale, called Peak Lifestyle.  Then, it was receiving a voicemail on a Sunday (that’s right, Sunday!) that the new version of the shoes they had to special order and transfer to this location had arrived.  Dr Nick had actually forgotten about asking them to procure a pair, and so it was not only a nice surprise to hear the shoes were in and ready to pick up, but signifies the superb customer service they provide, that you can’t get just anywhere these days.  They have a few locations, including one in Colorado, as well as one in Burr Ridge that serves beer on tap (that’s “the twist”) for those times when you just need a sweet post-run reward for yourself.  Check them out some time, you’ll regret it if you don’t!