Tooth Tours: Star Smiles (Round 2)

He’s baaaaack!  Today, Dr Nick had the pleasure of visiting Star Smiles in Bloomingdale again!  Can you believe how kind and gracious the husband-wife pedo-ortho super duo, the Jhams are?  This time, it was on a pediatric dentistry day, so he was able to learn from the lovely co-owner, Dr. Raquel Jham and her skilled associate, Dr. Deric.  They shared their perspective on how efficient and convenient it can be for their patients to offer both pedo and ortho services in one location, albeit on separate days.  In fact, despite Dr. Andre Jham being physically in Naperville today, he made himself available for ortho consults virtually for patients who call the Bloomingdale office their home.  He was basically in two places at once, now that’s convenience!  Dr Nick was also very impressed to see all the same smiling Bloomingdale team members from the ortho day seamlessly assisting and orchestrating a pedo schedule.  Again, quite a convenience for the patients, who really enjoy the continuity of care and being greeted by a familiar face.  Last but not least, please join me in congratulating them on 10 years of making happy, smiling faces in Bloomingdale.