Tooth Tours: Mills and Blair Pediatric Dentistry

Today was a very special day for Dr Nick’s Tooth Tours! He made time to visit Mills and Blair Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics (@lombardpediatricdentistry) in Lombard.  Conveniently located on Main Street right across from the high school, it is a long-established and well-respected practice in the western suburbs, which just so happens to be owned and operated by his main squeeze, the dual-trained pedo/ortho dynamo, Dr Susan Blair! She was at another office today (stay tuned for that tooth tour!), so Dr Nick got to spend some quality time with her highly skilled team, led by her lovely associate, Dr Jenna, who were all smiling and in the Halloween spirit, already (see selfie!).  They taught Dr Nick how with gentle care and precise execution, the seemingly wild world of pediatric dentistry can be tamed into a smooth running operation in a calm and friendly environment for patients and their families, it was quite impressive to witness. 

Last but not least, Dr Nick took the opportunity to blend blogs and hit up the delicious offerings at Babcock’s Grove House (@babcocksgrovehouse), where the Belgian-style fries and beer-battered cheese curds are second to none (not pictured as they were devoured before a photo could be taken, they’re that good!).  Don’t forget to check back for more of those  features on his other blog, “Shop Small, Smile Big”!