Tooth Tours: Grant Orthodontics

Dr Nick’s host for today’s Tooth Tour is the incredible Dr Lisa Grant of Grant Orthodontics in Homewood, IL (@grant_ortho).  Fun fact, Dr Grant was Dr Nick’s first job interview 8 years ago when planning to move back to town after ortho residency in NYC.  She was as accommodating then as she was today (notice the welcome sign and balloons they made for Dr Nick, pictured above), and actually has never lost contact with him over the years, continuing to provide feedback and support despite the fact they have never actually worked together.  So, it was a real treat to connect in person with a generous friend and mentor, and spend time with her amazing team, each of whom had something valuable to share with Dr Nick.  Their enthusiasm for what they do shows from the minute you witness their morning huddle cheer, and continues throughout the rest of the day in how well they treat their patients and each other as they create some amazing smiles and happy customers.  There is so much more Dr Nick can learn from them, so this won’t be the last Tooth Tour at Grant Ortho, mark our words, and remember to check back in to this blog soon!