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La Grange Clear Aligners

High End Clear Aligners by Hinsdale Ortho

When deciding to straighten teeth, many people are opting for aligners. When you think of clear aligners, Invisalign probably comes to mind. While Invisalign is great, there’s an even newer and improved option on the market: Spark. 

Invisalign was approved by the FDA in 1998 and went on the market a short time later. Spark aligners were founded in 2019 and offer a modern approach to clear aligners. Both provide efficient and productive teeth movement to help patients easily achieve healthy, beautiful smiles.

Clear aligners are best for mouths that require mild to moderate straightening. Invisalign and Spark are pretty much invisible, so they cannot be easily detected by others. This means you can straighten your smile without drawing attention to yourself.

Interested in learning more about clear aligners? See how the La Grange orthodontists at Hinsdale Ortho can help you achieve a beautiful smile. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about your teeth straightening options.

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

Clear aligners use a series of custom-made clear plastic trays to gradually shift teeth into their proper position. These aligners work by applying gentle, constant pressure to the teeth, which gradually moves them into the desired alignment.

The clear aligner treatment process typically begins with a consultation with the orthodontists at Hinsdale Ortho. The orthodontist will examine your teeth and create a digital 3D model of the mouth using a scanner. The orthodontist will then use specialized software to design a treatment plan that shows the movements of the teeth from their current position to the desired final position.

Based on this treatment plan, you’ll receive a series of custom-made clear aligners. Each aligner is designed to move the teeth a small amount. You will wear each aligner for a period of time (usually two weeks or so) before switching to the next one in the series.

As you progress through the series of aligners, your teeth gradually move into the desired position. Treatment time varies depending on the severity of the misalignment and the specific treatment plan, but typically lasts from 6-18 months.

Why Choose Clear Aligners?

Spark and Invisalign treatment aligners allow you to straighten teeth without wires and brackets.  They offer a modern approach to straightening your smile. At Hinsdale Ortho, our orthodontist, Dr. Riccio and Dr. Blair, use a series of aligners created just for you. They fit snugly and painlessly over your teeth.

With clear aligner treatment at Hinsdale Ortho, straightening teeth is easy. You simply pop in a new set of aligners every week or two until your treatment is complete. Clear aligners are easy to use and don’t interfere with your daily life. You remove the aligners to eat, so you can still enjoy your favorite foods. You also remove the aligners to clean them, so your teeth stay clean and healthy.

Invisalign vs. Spark Aligners

Invisalign and Spark are the two main contenders in the world of clear aligners. While they are both similar in many ways, they also have some key differences:

  • Material. Both aligners are made of clear material, but the type of material is a little different. Invisalign uses SmartTrack, while Spark uses TruGen. TruGen is known to be more comfortable and gentler on the gums. Another difference in materials is that Invisalign uses “buttons,” which are tiny bumps to help the aligners grip onto the teeth better. Spark aligners do not have this feature.
  • Comfort. Invisalign aligners are more comfortable than braces, but they can still cause some level of gum discomfort, especially in the beginning. Spark aligners are designed to be more comfortable from the start. Spark goes the extra mile, with medical-grade polyurethane resin as well as hand-trimmed and polished edges for added comfort.
  • Stain resistance. Spark aligners are newer and therefore have an advantage when it comes to stain resistance. The patented material that Spark uses is designed to resist staining from beverages such as coffee and tea. While Invisalign’s SmartTrack material is also resistant to staining, Spark has even more resistance.
  • Cost. The cost of aligners will vary depending on the individual case. However, Invisalign is generally more expensive than Spark because Invisalign has a wider range of treatment options and features. Spark does not offer all these features, which is reflected in the lower cost of treatment.

It’s up to you which brand of aligner to choose. Just keep in mind that Invisalign is a more established brand that is more widely available, so it will be easier to find.

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Cost of Clear Aligners

Speaking of cost, how much can you expect to pay for Invisalign or Spark clear aligners? It’s hard to give an exact price because there are various factors involved. Besides the brand, you also need to consider the severity of the case, the length of treatment, and any insurance coverage. Given these factors, clear aligners can cost anywhere from $1,200 to as much as $8,000.

Be wary of at-home alignment kits. These are often seen as convenient, since you do everything at home and don’t have to see an orthodontist. However, they are not FDA-approved, so there is no guarantee of their safety.

Your exact cost will vary by location and provider. Contact the team at Hinsdale Ortho to learn more about your expected cost. If you have dental insurance, that may cover some of the cost. We also offer options to make clear aligners affordable. We offer flexible payment plans, extended monthly payments to fit your budget, and various payment arrangements to fit your needs. We also accept most major credit cards.

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Clear aligners are a great way to discreetly straighten teeth without anyone knowing. Invisalign and Spark aligners are the clear choice for those looking for a straighter, more beautiful smile without wires and brackets.

The team at Hinsdale Ortho can assess your smile and help you understand your options. We provide affordable, convenient, and high-quality dental treatment for the whole family in a welcoming and fun environment. To determine if you or your child is a candidate for Invisalign or Spark aligners, give us a call (630) 528-0909 or go online.