Issues with your braces or aligners during the school day? Here’s how to fix it!

Just head to your school nurse’s office!

Hello, it’s Kelly C., Treatment Coordinator at Hinsdale Ortho! Let’s face it, life is busy. Children’s school, after school sports and activities, parents’ obligations, medical appointments and more keep us on our toes. Here at Hinsdale Ortho, we want to make sure we assist in your child’s treatment and make their orthodontic journey as problem free as possible. The solution(s) are 1) to visit the school nurse’s office and/or 2) read the FAQs below, we’ve solved everything for you!

“I forgot my toothbrush & toothpaste at home. How can I brush after lunch?”

No problem! We have several options of toothbrushes for you to pick from, just see the nurse!

“I have to take my aligners (or retainers) out during lunch, and I don’t want to lose them.”

Extra cases are available so that that your aligner(s) or retainer(s) do not accidentally get placed on the food tray and thrown away.

What do I do if my tooth comes out during the school day?

We have small containers available in a variety of colors and shapes to keep that tooth safe and sound until the end of the day. We even have some cotton rolls in case there is a little bleeding after the tooth is out.

“I ate my lunch, and something is stuck between my tooth, but I can’t get it out with just brushing. What do I do?”

Extra varieties of floss, as well as “proxy brushes” for those hard-to-reach areas and that stubborn food.

“My wire seems to be bothering my cheek and I left my wax at home.”

Extra wax available for all those moments where a little extra is need for comfort and soreness that could intermittently occur.

“I can’t remember which foods are “braces friendly” and the foods that I should avoid?”

We have provided the nurse’s office with a variety of instruction sheets to assist with any questions that may come up during the school day and beyond.

“I have a sore in my mouth and it’s bothering me.”

We have supplied the nurse’s office with a rinse that can help with mouth sores and inflammation.

“I forgot to put on my rubber bands on before school today (or after lunch/before after school activities, etc.). Will it be too much time without them until I get home this evening?”

The nurses’ office now has a supply of plain and colored rubber bands of 2 different sizes for you if needed.

“My lips are so dry and chapped.”

We have the perfect solution with multiple flavors of Hinsdale Ortho chap sticks for you to keep in your desk, locker, backpack and more.

Still having issues with your braces or aligners?

Still not able to fix the issue? Give our office a call for a quick appointment! We will fix whatever it is in a flash! Call today!