Finding that perfect appointment time

In the fast-paced world, we all live in now, it’s easy to get frustrated when trying to find time to squeeze in any type of appointment. At Hinsdale Ortho, we understand that and are always thinking about our patients and their parents when helping to schedule.  While we know that it can be frustrating when certain appointments are only done in the morning, we go out of our way to make sure that all school holidays, late starts, and early dismissals are entered into our scheduling template to help with missing as little school as possible. Let’s ask Monica!

“Why can’t this appointment be done after school?”

Certain appointments can only be done in the morning because they require extended doctor time.  Appointments such as bonding brackets, laser, or manicuring are where our doctor’s true artistic specialty training comes into play so we allow the appropriate amount of time for him to focus solely on that patient.  We also schedule this way so that we can serve as many patients at that afterschool time as possible.  Dr. Nick and I spent many grueling hours and weeks working on a schedule template to serve our patients efficiently and effectively in the best possible way.  So, trust us that there is a very specific reason as to why appointments best work out at specific times.

“I work a full-time job”

We offer evening times on Thursdays for our adult patients so they can come after work.  These times are also available to all patients who may have activities after school or have to take the train in from school.

“Can you sneak me in it’s just a quick fix?”

We will always accommodate a wire poking or a patient that is in pain.  It is good to know though that although some wire clips are a “quick fix” there are many times that once the patient is in the chair it will require more time to fix the problem.  We may offer a “clip and go” appointment, if the patient has a bracket off with a wire poking we can accommodate our schedule to clip the wire but may need to schedule a longer appointment to replace the bracket or if the patient has their regularly scheduled appointment coming soon we can rebond the bracket then.

“How to get that perfect appointment time”

The best way to assure that you get the appointment time that you want is to schedule your appointment before you leave the office.  We will always give you a call the day after your appointment if you did not schedule.  It’s best to remember that the sooner you schedule the best chance you are to get that “sweet” appointment time.  We do understand last minute things pop up that will require you to change or even miss an appointment.  We know that that is life and do not charge for missed appointments or last-minute reschedules.  Our handy text and email reminder system is also set in place to help out to remind you of when appointments are or if you are due/past due for an appointment.

“How often do we have to come in”

With our advanced Damon bracket system and Spark aligners, appointments are a breeze to schedule because they are usually 8-10 weeks apart!!

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